I LOVE it! I just received my sample album, and it is beautiful! You do the best work!
I love the thickness of the paper, oh my! I am so excited I can't find the right words, but just know that I am ecstatic and think the world of your talent and work! Thank you so much. I hope it will help me bring you more business from my clients. I wish all my sessions ended in a beautiful album of this quality, what a perfect keepsake.

Thank you again, it is perfect!
Arielle Langhorne Photography

Hi Priscilla,

I'm a friend of Lorena’s and she told me that you made and designed the lovely wedding book/guest album at our other friends' wedding.

I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was with the quality and design of the book. The colors really popped (pink and green raw silk with seashells) and it was just gorgeous to look at from my mere spectator/guest point of view.

Have a wonderful day!


Hi Priscilla,

I have just returned from my holiday in Bali to find the most outstanding album in the world.

Your work is so stunning and such good quality and craftsmanship, I am bold over!!!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you...

You album suited the couple so well and I am excited to show them as well, but it's my copy, I cannot part from those 2.

Thank you once again for a very happy customer!

Best wishes

Dear Priscilla

The album is absolutely gorgeous. Each image looks great and is crystal clear.
The feel of the fine paper is an added touch of elegance and the quality of the brocade
fabric and storage box is awesome.

Overall-it is stunning-what a fine product you produce.
I love it and can't wait to show it off to friends and future customers.
Thank you thank you.


Hi Priscilla,

The album is so beautiful, I love it! You do amazing work and I hope my clients will want
to do a book through you. I'm excited to show it off!! Thank you so so much!


Hi Priscilla,

My bride from July 4, 2010 passes the following along to you re: her wedding album:
"I can't imagine a more beautiful treasure as a Priscilla Foster Handmade Album to pass
down through the family! The wedding album was perfect. Thank you so very much,
Priscilla. I can't wait for you to create my baby albums!"